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Make J. Douglas Griffin Your Guardianship Attorney in Leesburg, VA

When you come to the difficult decision that your loved one is no longer able to make informed and reasoned decisions about their health, finances and personal life turn to J. Douglas Griffin, Attorney at Law, P.L.L.C. for the advice and assistance you need to be appointed as the guardian and conservator for your loved one.

Attorney J. Douglas Griffin will guide you through the process of obtaining an order for guardianship and conservatorship. He will make sure that the paperwork is thoroughly prepared and filed in a timely manner. Call the office now at 703-443-6710 for more information.

Become a legal guardian

In Virginia, guardianship is usually the option of last resort. Many legal rights of an individual and their ability to make decisions on their own are terminated when a guardian is appointed for them. As the legal guardian or conservator of a loved one you may be responsible for:

  • Making health care decisions on his or her behalf
  • Managing his or her finances
  • Deciding where he or she should live
  • Making other personal decisions for him or her
  • Determining who may have contact with him or her

If you believe a guardianship is the best option for a loved one in your life, speak with a trusted guardianship attorney in Leesburg, VA and Loundoun County Virginia at J. Douglas Griffin, Attorney at Law, P.L.L.C. today.